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Crime: Series of masturbation, public indecency incidents reported off-campus

The knock on the basement window couldn’t have come at a worse time.

It was past midnight and Lauren Tepe and her roommates had just finished watching “American Horror Story” in the basement of their off-campus house, Tepe recalled.

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Hard news: Ohio State student tackled on field faces $100 fine, counseling

About 5 seconds.

That’s roughly the time Ohio State student Anthony Wunder spent sprinting down the Ohio Stadium field in the middle of an OSU football game, but that’s all the time it took to land him a court-ordered fine and months of required counseling.

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Soft news: 1-year anniversary of ‘Stranger in the Basement’

At the bottom of the basement stairs, behind a locked door, lived a man named Jeremy. For months, Jeremy lived in secret. He didn’t know his roommates, and his roommates certainly didn’t know him.

So goes the infamous story of “The Stranger in the Basement.”

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Ohio State passwords now last twice as long

It’s been suspenseful. It’s been trying. Some might say it’s been a long time coming.

The password expiration date at Ohio State is being extended.

Bob Gribben, a director of service operations for the Office of the Chief Information Officer, announced OSU’s password expiration window will change from 90 days to 180 days via Twitter on July 24.

Immediately after, a chorus of “HALLELUJAH” tweets sprinkled with prayer emojis from OSU students started flying.

Profile: University Police have new big dog on campus

The newest officer on the Ohio State University Police force doesn’t carry a gun. She doesn’t need handcuffs or a bulletproof vest. Her only gear is a bowl, a leash and her nose.

Rita the K-9 is a German Shepherd and the newest member of University Police. As an officer, she’s tasked with one job and one job only: finding bombs.

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In-Depth Series: Booze, books and the balance: Businesses, bars near campus rake in big bucks

Books, bank and booze.

Three things many students consider quintessential to the college experience — and all items that can be found on High Street. Yet of all three college “necessities,” it appears the latter is the most abundant.

Sprinkled across a 1.2-mile stretch of the University District’s portion of High Street lie two bookstores, four banks and more than 20 bars.

And that’s not including bars in the University District located about six blocks or less off High Street. Tack those bars onto the count, and the total number of off-campus bars jumps to roughly 30.

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