It’s not the most coveted neighborhood in town. You won’t find fancy houses lining the street or children playing kickball at the neighbor’s or pets running in the yard.

On second thought, you might find a stray cat or two roaming around the place.

It’s called Tent City.

This not-so-dreamy neighborhood sits right in the heart of Columbus, tightly sandwiched between the bustling highway and the Olentangy River, and while it can’t be located on a map, it’s a place that many people call home.

Robert Fears is one of those people.

He’s lived in his home within the borders of Tent City for 9 months among dozens of other homeless people. He survives each day with the help of a hand-crafted tent, a mattress, some food scrapings, a radio, a stray cat and ultimately – the community of people around him.

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